Soenne needs no artificial light, he works with available light only. Working with the light at hand, he produces a very specific and own natural atmosphere. Hereby, he willfully refrains from picturing people. To show the objects as they appear to him, is his right composition of art to present not only the idea of architecture but to visualize the conception that lays behind. His unique selection of perspectives and picture details create his one-of-a-kind-photography.

He describes this process of his commissioned work in both architectural and hotel photography as a walk on a mountain slope between interpretation and documentation. Soenne wants to display new impressions of the objects to his clients. Therefore, lines and forms, surfaces and colors, lights and shades need to be understood as elements of his compositions. They represent both photo and image at the same time. They are documented media of communication in a dialogue between architect and developers of real estate: A photograph as an interpretation of things that happened and things preconceived. An act with lines, forms and lights, a two-dimensional composition of a three-dimensional complexity, reduced to a minimum of means.